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The docking station begins to ship

Friends, we announced to you in the previous announcement that the first AYANEO crowdfunding campaign has ended perfectly . We have shipped all the original AYANEO, AYANEO 2021 and AYANEO 2021 PRO, but there is still some work to do, like docking stations and upgrade kits, but we've been working on them all the time. So today I will announce the latest progress to you.



【About the docking station】



The docking station started shipping yesterday. Since we need to send out more than 2,000 docking stations, it takes a lot of time to pack, check the address and ship.


However, since all the docking stations have already arrived, there is no need to worry about the supply. All you need to do is give our staff more time to complete the delivery.




The white package on the picture is the upgrade kit, and the first batch is the upgrade kit for repair.



【About the upgrade kit】


If you are the first batch of supporters of the official version of AYANEO, you can get the upgrade kit for free, and install and upgrade to AYANEO 2021 by yourself.


The upgrade kit contains everything except the motherboard, SSD, WIFI chip, and battery.





Here is a video to show you how to install it.

Upgrade Kits Installation tutorial


We have already started preparing the materials for the upgrade kit earlier, and asked the factory to start pre-processing. It is expected that starting from January 17th, we will gradually obtain upgrade kits from the factory, so in the week of January 17th, we will gradually ship the upgrade kits.


As we said before, the upgrade kits are my reward for those who support the new AYANEO team during the crowdfunding campaign . We provide the upgrade kit for the first batch of supporters  (the first batch of AYANEO shipped in June) for free, but backers are required to bear the postage and taxes.


We have prepared a shipping payment link for everyone, please click to add to cart and pay.


(Because the international shipping fee is charged according to the volume and weight, the upgrade kit is relatively large and the shipping fee is also high. If the upgrade kit is sent together with the docking station, the shipping fee will also increase on the basis of the docking station, so if you need an upgrade kit, you will have to pay the shipping fee. Please understand)


If you confirm that you can install and upgrade by yourself, please click the shipping payment link (excluding tax):


This link closes at 24:00 (UTC+8) on 15 January 2022.


It should be noted that when adding the shipping fee to the shopping cart, you need to note the IGG's CID and email so that we can verify it.



All upgrade kits will be shipped by January 31st.

I don't think any other brand will provide such a service, this is because AYANEO is a brand founded by players, this time the free upgrade kit will cost us a huge cost, but to be able to serve those friends who support us, it is our honor.


Regarding the issuance of vouchers, due to the large number and the need to manually issue one by one, the workload is very large, and it will start in the near future.


If you have any questions about the after-sales of AYANEO handhelds, please send an email










I think many friends have paid attention to our new product AYANEO NEXT recently, which is a powerful handheld computer equipped with AMD 5800U/5825U. I have injected my understanding of handheld computers based on AYANEO 2021. In addition to providing a shape that is easy to hold, it also innovatively introduces a combination of Hall joysticks and Hall triggers, providing a handheld console with an experience no less than traditional gamepads.


In terms of appearance, AYANEO NEXT also has a unique temperament. We have introduced excellent CMF for handheld game consoles that are only available in fashion products. There are up to five colors that can be selected on NEXT.


In addition, NEXT also has similar replaceable joysticks, fingerprint modules that can be woken up by touch, AYA Space's exclusive quick-opening function keys for a limited time, X-axis linear motors, etc. These are the first functions on Windows handhelds.




To learn more, please visit:


Limited to 300 units worldwide, the custom-signed AYANEO NEXT Advance is on sale in the AYANEO online store, visit:


AYANEO NEXT is a new product we released together with AMD. It is equipped with AMD 5825U and has a variety of colors. AYANEO NEXT Pro is the first to launch the configuration of 5825U + 32G memory + 2T SSD on Windows handhelds.


NEXT and NEXT Pro will start crowdfunding on Indiegogo at the beginning of February. We will release the warm-up page of Indiegogo in the near future, let us explore the future together.





Arthur Zhang


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