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Product Power is Competitivity - AYANEO Products Sharing Session



On the afternoon of August 28, AYANEO CEO, Arthur held a Livestream sharing session with good content and real stuff on Weibo and Bilibili, and talked about the details for the latest four product lines, in a total of six products, as well as interacted with the audience online at the end of the live broadcast, which received enthusiastic responses from players and fans.


In the opening, Arthur held the mass-produced version of AYANEO AIR and AYANEO AIR Pro, introducing the product appearance, design concept, positioning, and the differences between those two products.



AYANEO AIR is an epoch-making handheld gaming product. It is a dream machine dedicated to players. The actual weight of the mass-produced version is only 398g, which is lighter than the previous prototype. The thickness is as thin as 18mm and even much smaller, lighter than Steam Deck, and smaller than Switch OLED as well.


In terms of color matching, it breaks through traditional handheld Windows gaming consoles in black and white color, and integrates more physical aesthetics and artistic color matching aesthetics to build a new design. At the top shoulder key of AYANEO AIR, the innovative use of a gorgeous double gradient, which blows players away, has become the unique identity of AYANEO AIR, and these final colors have actually undergone dozens of delicate color adjustments.




On the basis of AYANEO AIR, AYANEO has prepared an "all-round warrior" for those players who pursue the ultimate experiences and never compromise: AYANEO AIR Pro, which provides AMD Ryzen 5 5560U CPU version and also has AMD Ryzen 7 5825U CPU version, a high-performance version; the actual weight of the AYANEO AIR Pro production version is only 440g. It has an ultra-thin body, high-efficiency performance, and stronger heat dissipation and battery life, bringing players an extremely disruptive gaming experience.



Up to now, the crowdfunding of AYANEO AIR on Indiegogo has exceeded 1 million US dollars, with a total of more than 1285 backers, and the number of crowdfunding has exceeded some 6800U Windows gaming consoles on the market. Whether on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other media platforms, or in some player communities, gamers around the world have paid great attention to it and commented on it, which makes it a hot topic in the handheld community. It reflects AYANEO AIR has a very high product charm, and the AYANEO AIR product line is positioned as an "ultra-light gaming console", and will continue to bring players a more extreme gaming experience.




Since the announcement of AYANEO NEXT 2, the world's first Windows gaming handheld with a discrete graphics card, many hardcore gamers have been looking forward to this product.



AYANEO NEXT series is positioned to "explore the future technology of Windows gaming console", allowing global players to experience the latest industry-based features from AYANEO. Among all AYANEO product lines, AYANEO NEXT series product line is definitely the king of peak performance. AYANEO NEXT 2 can also be called the most powerful Windows gaming console in history.




After the actual test and careful consideration from internal team members, CEO, Arthur, made some adjustments to the AYANEO NEXT 2 product:


1. In terms of architecture, replacing Intel DG2 graphics card with AMD CPU and GPU architecture. On the one hand, AYANEO can better utilize the experience accumulated in the AMD architecture in the past, and on the other hand, it can also bring better performance to players;


2. In terms of form, the detachable mode of the graphics card is eliminated, and the discrete graphics card is directly integrated into the main board. On the one hand, it can make players more convenient, on the other hand, it is also based on AYANEO's ultimate pursuit of constantly challenging the boundaries, making the product distinguished.





In addition to the above-mentioned highlights, AYANEO NEXT 2 also has some unique points, such as the all-around touchpad, the detachable battery that is convenient for players to change, the newly designed controller, and the camera function, etc. Arthur also shows and presents it to the audience.



For those who like sliding keyboards, they must not forget the Slide handheld gaming console launched by AYANEO. It is equipped with a full physical keyboard and it's designed to fit users' operating habits. The entire key position conforms to the layout of the conventional keyboard with cool lighting effects.



AYANEO SLIDE is the best gift for those friends who are still dependent on the keyboard and have nostalgic feelings. It is also AYANEO's excellent work of paying tribute to those classic products in the past in terms of control and structure. In many aspects, AYANEO SLIDE subverts the tradition. The unique sliding keyboard design has made many nuanced and innovative designs, bringing players unparalleled visual enjoyment and user experience.



The highlight of this live broadcast is still AYANEO 2, and many mysterious points have been exposed. AYANEO 2 is the second generation of AYANEO's orthodox products. It pioneered a borderless screen design on Windows gaming handhelds. It uses a whole piece of high-grade glass on the front, which makes the device display an unprecedented integrated design aesthetic. The appearance is simple and fashionable and gives players the ultimate immersive gaming experience.




Compared with AYANEO AIR, which only has 2 screws in the visible range of the entire body, AYANEO 2 goes a step further and directly achieves zero screws, which reflects AYANEO's exquisite design and the concept of excellence.



AYANEO 2 is ergonomically designed, a brand-new and original handle that has been carefully tuned and polished. Inspired by the baby's sleeping position, it brings players a grip that has never been seen in Windows gaming handhelds.



Furthermore, AYANEO 2 is still equipped with the super powerful Master all-around controller. With the blessing of the Hall joystick and the Hall trigger, it creates a master-level precise control comparable to professional game controllers.



AYANEO 2 is powered by AMD Ryzen™ 7 6800U, which is the peak performance never seen before on Windows gaming handhelds, and will bring players a fast-paced gaming experience. The new dual-copper tube cooling architecture can release higher TDP power consumption, allowing the processor to release more powerful performance, and accompany players to easily ride the game battlefield.



Regarding the exclusive black technology adopted by AYANEO 2, CEO, Arthur still did not make any specific disclosures, but only showed the corresponding functional modules to the audience. The relevant introduction will be unveiled at the AYANEO 2 conference.




In addition to the announced black and white color, this time AYANEO 2 has exposed a new color matching: AYANEO 2 Retro Power. Technology is changing, but feelings remain the same. Since AYANEO 2021 Pro launched the Retro Power version, many subsequent AYANEO products have also launched this classic retro color scheme. The Retro Power version is not only to satisfy the retro feelings of some players, but also to evoke the simple and beautiful game feeling that players used to have. Many players are moved by the color matching of Retro Power, and then place an order to have it.




The price is economic and the product strength is uncompromising, and the geek spirit of innovation, technology, and fashion design is the belief of AYANEO. Therefore, AYANEO brings players a masterpiece that carries the geek spirit: AYANEO 2 GEEK, which pays tribute to players who like to explore, and pays tribute to every pure geek.



This time, there are new changes in the AYANEO 2 GEEK version. First of all, the original small Hall joystick is canceled, and it is officially upgraded to a large carbon film joystick. The reason for this adjustment is that many players express they are like the big rocker more. And more importantly, after AYANEO selected the carbon film, the large rocker, it has been adjusted very carefully, so that the user experience is close to that of the big hall rocker, which is impossible for other ordinary big rockers on the market.



Moreover, AYANEO 2 GEEK has optimized the button layout, so that the joystick and the cross keys, the joystick and the ABXY keys correspond diagonally instead of the original straight correspondence, which will bring players a better controller experience.



Finally, AYANEO 2 GEEK version has exposed a new surprise color matching: transparent one, which is a design derived from the AYANEO founder's version, very stunning and eye-catching, fully reflecting the word "geek", and this time it has done a lot of optimization, and will not have some of the problems that existed in the original founder's version.


At the end of the live broadcast, Arthur interacted with the players online, answered the questions of interest to the players in detail, and welcomed the players to pay attention to AYANEO product dynamics and participate in community exchanges.



"Real gamers, For Gamers", AYANEO continues to develop amazing new products and new features through creativity and various advanced technologies, presenting players with a new and unique Windows handheld gaming experience. Believing a good gaming handheld is not just about performance, AYANEO builds gaming handhelds with the attitude of creating works of art to bring players a good experience. In the future, AYANEO will continue to explore and move forward and chase the infinite possibilities of game dreams.



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