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"Matrix Integration, Multi-End Linkage" AYANEO 2 Comes With New Software Ecosystem


On September 25, Arthur Zhang, the CEO of the well-known domestic handheld brand AYANEO, held a detonating press conference online and officially released AYANEO 2 and AYANEO GEEK. The announcement grabs attention and discussion in the handheld industry, and the unique software product ecology of AYANEO is also full of surprises as well as irresistible charm to players around the world.



At the press conference, Arthur once again stated the core concept of the AYANEO team [Real Gamers, For Gamers]. Since its establishment, the AYANEO team has been listening to voices from players, integrating them into the team’s insight and in-depth exploration, and independently developed software ecological masterpieces that can truly improve players’ gaming experience.




The major killer of AYANEO's exclusive software product ecosystem is the PC handheld management software, AYASpace. Our R&D team has been thinking and exploring how to build the software ecosystem and value of PC handhelds to players, not just do A "tool" or "front-end", the completely upgraded AYASpace makes the player's handheld gaming experience even more powerful.




Gamers can automatically import to the game library through AYASpace, which is very convenient and user-friendly. You only need to register and log in to your AYA ID to access and manage the AYANEO game database through the mobile APP. The AYASpace mobile APP fully integrates the official brand with the real demands of players, and truly serves the player's gaming experience.

At the conference, AYANEO also proposed a very unique new understanding of future experience for PC handhelds - [Matrix integration, multi-end linkage]. At this new level, AYANEO team is committed to separating software products from an independent device or product, returning to the player's perspective on [what is the product required for game experience], and creating a complete set of open-based development ecology, content Ecology, pan-game ecology.




AYASpace has made a new leap of use of PC handhelds through continuous updates and iterations. This time the upcoming "Configuration File" function can perfectly overcome the problem of how players configure the device and greatly improve the game experience.

Players only need to find a satisfactory configuration file according to the games in the library, whether on the web, mobile or handheld, save and push it with one click, and turn on the handheld, it will be automatically loaded, and the device will automatically run the game, and exit the game will restore the original settings.




In addition, the more important is AYANEO software team has also developed and created a new product that is very transformative and builds an interactive bridge between developers and players - "Small Apps". It is lightweight, fit, and low-code development, and will form a multi-end, multi-system and cross-platform ecosystem. It is quite exciting for future possibilities.




Metadata Editor


A tool for players who love DIY. It helps players DIY the materials in the game database, make the private game library which is abundant and  personalization, and support third-party data sources, easy to use but strong power.




RTSS Handheld Optimized Edition


A device performance monitoring tool that has been adapted to the UI layer. Players can have using experience smoothly through the RTSS integrated by AYASpace, without studying complicated operations.




Steam++ Mini App


One-click Steam acceleration, easy to switch Steam accounts. This is a functional integration application made by the developer Watt Toolkit, which is now available on the AYASpace mini-app store for players to experience and use.


What's more, AYANEO announced a series of small applications "future technology" which are still under development.




Future Technology, AI Game Subtitles


An AI game subtitle application that solves the problem of game subtitle language for the majority of players with one click. It can have AI game subtitles with one click, providing translation for the game in real time, and has a high recognition accuracy. The translation function also supports manual division of translation areas, setting display effects, etc., providing players with more options for solutions. At the same time, AYANEO will offer a trial service for each user, and users can choose whether to pay for it according to their own needs.




Future Technology, Small Strategy Window


It can automatically identify the game players playing, and automatically show the game guide in the window. When the player presses "AYA" button, the player can view the guide, no need to switch pages back and forth, and make the game experience is more simple and immersive.




Future Technology, FPS Thunder


The game data detection software independently developed by the AYANEO team can be completely simple and graphically customized.

At the same time, gamers can also customize different layout modes.




AYANEO APP has been loved by players, here are three major functions updates :


The first is the new community function. Users can share and interact more easily. The official team will also share the product progress in the mobile community to establish more connections with users. The second is "Configuration File", which allows you to contribute more experience to the community. There is also the popular air touch, which also optimizes the experience of the touchpad, and has more scene-based interactive designs, which are very worthwhile for players to experience.





AYANEO team loves games and game consoles as well. In the process of creating the best Windows handheld in the world, they found that the existing operating system in the new form of PC handheld still has many poor experiences, and even some problems that we can't be solved.

In order to allow everyone to enjoy the game and the handheld hardware better, AYANEO has launched the AYANEO OS, which is based on the Linux system and developed exclusively.




AYANEO OS is said to be truly create for games, and has never stopped upgrading and optimizing, just like AYANEO team has never stopped exploring in the direction of "Matrix Integration".

In this version, the playing experience of different models is optimized for retro games, various parameters are preset, and the graphical method is also convenient for users to set and easier to operate.




AYANEO OS is also specially equipped with "Quick Find 2.0" for retro games. Players can easily and quickly find what they want in private retro games. At the same time, the quick setting window also integrates common functions for the quick menu of retro games. Players can also designed decorative frame, and it is filled with the retro feelings.




On the OS system which exclusively developed by AYANEO, it also has similar compatibility with Steam OS. Players can enjoy more efficient operation efficiency, lower power consumption, more elegant interactive interface, and more immersive user experience. The software system with such excellent performance is unparalleled in the entire industry.




AYANEO OS also built ES system that is popular by users, which has been streamlined and optimized to adapt to the ES mini of game consoles.

AYANEO will access source ES mini in the future so that users around the world can enjoy this achievement.




AYANEO has always been committed to creating the best PC handheld all over the world. Since we are "Real Gamers", We "Know Gamers", focus on listening to the voice of the players, and provides users with solutions. On the road of practicing the concept of "Matrix Integration and multi-end linkage", AYANEO has connected and linked the "islands" of each product into a whole new ecosystem with a perfect product service system and comprehensive game experience, realizing the value of PC handheld!

I believe that our two handhelds, AYANEO 2 and AYANEO GEEK, players can enjoy fantastic gaming experience brought by AYANEO software ecosystem, and truly own a 6800U handheld that is completely different from software to hardware.



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