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AYANEO CEO Live Broadcast —— Facing Hot Issues and Sincerely Answer Questions Who in Doubt



On Evening, October 26th, AYANEO CEO, Arthur Zhang faced the current hot issues in the console field , sincerely shared with gamers all over the world, and started a live broadcast which had completely different content style and huge information. CEO analyzes hot topics with his own points of view and shares production progress of AYANEO 2 & AYANEO GEEK. It grabs widespread attention and enthusiastic responses from players.




AYANEO 2 & GEEK, as a completely different 6800U Windows handheld, there are a host of gamers who are crazy about it since the official announcement and players have expressed their expectations for the dream machine day and night. Arthur also brilliantly answered the questions with the genuine and responsible attitude to fans.




At the beginning, Arthur talks about the AMD driver issue and AYANEO 2 will be able to use the latest AMD driver. As a gamer-centered handheld brand, each product of AYANEO can be freely upgraded to the latest AMD driver. A large number of tests are carried out before release to ensure the best compatibility and hardware to the maximum, allowing players to enjoy the latest technology and features.




What is the color gamut of the AYANEO 2 screen? Seeing is believing, AYANEO solve the concerns and show a lot of hard-core test videos to players at the scence. Tested with several newest AYANEO 2 with SpyderX color equipment and DisplayCAL software. The actual measurement results indicate that as a high-quality IPS screen close to OLED, AYANEO 2 can stand with confidence: thanks to the characteristics of the screen itself, the picture quality is elegant, clear and transparent, and the presentation is more accurate and closer to natural color performance. Combined with 323 PPI high pixel density, more game details are presented, and the game has a delicate look and feel, bringing players a different immersive gaming experience.





For the color gamut that players focus on, Arthur Zhang also gave a definite answer with a detailed test video - "no lies, so users can buy with confidence." AYANEO chose to present the whole process of the test and the final result. This is what we take responsibility for our users and be confident with our products. Being real and sincere is what we gain a lot of love and trust from the majority of gamers.




AMD RZ608 NIC was equipped with the previous series, AYANEO 2021, NEXT, and AIR, and there were no driver problems. This time, AYANEO spent a lot of time on driver match testing, and upgraded to the INTEL AX210 for free both in AYANEO 2 and AYANEO GEEK.

AYANEO team pay more costs, just want each player buys far from worry and enjoy the purest gaming experience.




Arthur showed the latest case and button mold of AYANEO 2 on the spot. For upgrading game control experience, AYANEO has carefully adjusted the buttons feeling. ABXY and D-pad are made of elegant double color molds that will never fade, and the conductive adhesive material enhances the feel in an all-round way. At the same time, the key feedback is clear, the softness is just right, the rebound is strong without stuck, the whole triggering process is crisp and smooth, the shortened key stroke and keycap round shape further improved the control efficiency. The LB & RB shoulder key is made of conductive adhesive material, and the operating feel is far superior the micro switch and the dome slice. It continues the design on AYANEO AIR. It has a long stroke and can be pressed at any position, releasing the great advantages. The function keys use dome chips, and the force feedback is fast and crisp, so that every keystroke triggers the most wonderful feel!




As a popular and long used exclusive tool on NEXT, the big Hall joystick, Arthur also shows a video of the joystick test. The comparison test of dead zone/high precision has verified that the big Hall joystick used in AYANEO 2 can truly be no drift, 100% retrieving, no dead zone, and no error in perfect round (within 0.6%). Compared with the Hall joystick on the market which is not tested and verified, we have advantages of showing precise control experience. Plus with ultra-high-sensitivity Hall trigger, the pressing stroke is 7.5 mm, the pressing accuracy can reach 0.09 mm, the life test is more than 1 million times, and the feel and shape are comparable to the professional large controller, assisting players with precision and ease, and winning on the battlefield.




Speaking to the charging power that everyone is very concerned about, showing a demonstration video of charging power, and sharing that the whole series supports 65W fast charging.

AYANEO 2 gives away 100W GaN charger, and AYANEO GEEK with a 65W PD charger. What is even more surprising is that the great benefits of AYANEO 2 & GEEK to players - upgrade to support 100W fast charge, provide BIOS unlock 100W fast charge, default 65W from factory, and AYASpace will provide advanced function software to unlock the fast charge. It will not affect charging the machine and playing the games at the same time.




In terms of heat dissipation, AYANEO 2 is currently the only Windows handheld that supports 35W super cooling, compared to the 28W fan on general handhelds. The live broadcast also prepared a real machine cooling test video for players. According to the cooling data under different TDPs, the unprecedented cooling effect of AYANEO 2 brings a super TDP release, which truly realizes a gaming experience that is not hot on hand and is cool all the time.




The most anticipated part of the live broadcast was the dimantled for AYANEO 2. When Arthur presented the exceptionally excellent structural design of AYANEO 2 on the screen, many players were impressed by the beauty of its industrial design. The 3-minute long video shows the whole process of dismantling the AYANEO 2. Its exquisite structure and details of each component make players amazed and addicted to it. The demonstration not only allows players to experience the beauty of the internal structure of AYANEO 2, but also allows every audience to learn to perceive the extreme ingenuity that AYANEO has invested in every detail.



AYANEO will work hard to make products consistent, and is still working on upgrading the USB 4 compatibility of AMD 6800U. In addition, the external GPU dock still has compatibility problems such as blue screen, stuck and no response when hot-plugging. It will be improved by OTA software in the future.











Arthur also tlaked about the reasons why AYANEO 2 is delayed. This is because all modules are newly developed from the inside out, plus putting too much time on the module modification such as the full screen and the feedback of CMF. In addition, AMD 6800U is a new platform, it requires a lot of time on adjustment and test verification, the motherboard module has also been revised due to power management problems. In terms of product quality, AYANEO will not be in a rush and take responsibilities. AYANEO 2 focuses on structure and performance design for AMD 6800U. The hardware level supports 35W TDP, leading many game handhelds on the market, bringing players to the peak gaming experience on consoles.




Super productvity can be made through tests. AYANEO specifically brings the video for testing AYANEO 2 real machine run games in 35W TDP with non-stop 60 hours. We witness the great power performance with gamers.




AYANEO 2 and AYANEO GEEK will start pre-launch on Indiegogo at the first week of November. Backers can sign up now and get updates and more campaign details at first hand here:




AYANEO takes serious on quality control, and promises the player that there is no bad pixel and bright spot on the screen. It is guaranteed that there is absolutely buttons stuck. Create the best consoles no matter how the cost will be.



Arthur also shares the latest progress of AYANEO OS and AYASpace mini applications. I believe that the next upgrade of software on products will bring more surprises to players.




At the end of the live broadcast, Arthur appreciates the trust and companionship for all gamers, and welcomes players to pay attention to the dynamics of AYANEO products and participate in community. "Real gamers, for gamers", AYANEO always sticks to the concept of player first, and will always make the products with all our heart, will be the flagship of the new generation of handheld performance with powerful strength, and define the new standard for the AMD 6800U handheld experience!



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