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Showcasing the debut of the AYANEO Pocket S featuring the second-generation Snapdragon® G3x platform

On November 30th, the first batch of high-end flagship Android handheld gaming devices, AYANEO Pocket S, featuring the Qualcomm second-generation Snapdragon® G3x platform, made its real-world debut. The device showcased exceptional product design and powerful gaming performance through live gaming demonstrations, impressing gamers worldwide.



AYANEO Pocket S continues the modern artistic design philosophy of AYANEO, introducing, for the first time globally in the Android handheld gaming market, a borderless full-screen design. The front of the device is covered with a single piece of glass, providing a top-tier feel and a smooth touch. High-end packaging technology achieves ultra-thin borders, delivering an immersive visual experience with an ultimate screen-to-body ratio.



AYANEO Pocket S continues its tradition of featuring a custom screen with top-tier qualities. The screen's color reproduction and brightness significantly exceed those of similar products, providing gamers with a stunning visual experience on the Android handheld console that is hard to forget.



AYANEO Pocket S features an ergonomically designed ultra-slim body. The large-angle R corners of the device are seamlessly contoured to better fit the curvature of the palm. The elegant curve on the back of the device, combined with high-end manufacturing processes, provides gamers with a comfortable grip and a delicate touch that resists fingerprints.



Beneath the ultra-slim body of AYANEO Pocket S lies a powerful X86-level cooling system. The turbo cooling fan, coupled with large ventilation ports, significantly enhances heat dissipation efficiency, ensuring the sustained and stable output of extraordinary performance from the second-generation Snapdragon® G3x gaming platform.



AYANEO Pocket S is the flagship product resulting from the collaboration between AYANEO and Qualcomm Technologies. The Qualcomm Snapdragon® G3x gaming platform, the most powerful handheld gaming platform currently available, boasts full-blooded extraordinary performance and top-notch gaming features. Compared to its predecessor, the CPU performance has been increased by 30%, GPU performance is up to 2 times higher, and it supports hardware-accelerated ray tracing technology and super resolution technology. This empowers players to unlock a higher level of gaming experience. It is also the first to support WiFi 7 and Bluetooth 5.3 technologies, providing high-speed and stable wireless connectivity, elevating the streaming and cloud gaming experience to new heights.



Leveraging the Qualcomm Snapdragon® G3x gaming platform, the AYANEO Pocket S, with the support of a robust cooling system, effortlessly conquers today's popular large-scale RPG games and heavily loaded 3D turn-based games. It confidently handles challenges at the highest graphics settings and 60 frames per second, delivering a smooth gaming experience. The exceptional gaming performance is believed to exceed the expectations of numerous players.



AYANEO Pocket S possesses powerful gaming performance and is equipped with AYANEO's leading Master controls. From joysticks and triggers to directional keys and ABXY keys, all have undergone meticulous tuning, making it the Android handheld console with the best tactile feel and overall experience in control systems. Additionally, AYANEO's software team is dedicated to developing a more comprehensive key mapping feature, allowing players to experience excellent control on a broader range of games with the AYANEO Pocket S.



Welcome, players, to visit the official AYANEO YouTube account and enjoy the real machine gameplay demonstration videos. The AYANEO Pocket S showcased in this presentation is an engineering prototype. There is still room for further refinement in aspects such as the real machine feel, craftsmanship, screen effects, sound quality, system fluency, etc., and is currently undergoing debugging and optimization. The official production version will offer even better overall performance, so please stay tuned.



As the high-end flagship handheld console that integrates AYANEO's innovative handheld concepts, the AYANEO Pocket S represents a qualitative leap in every aspect, from the sense of quality to the core gaming performance and control sensation. It marks a true next-generation Android handheld console, offering an exceptional experience with both the ultra-slim version and the long-lasting battery version catering to the diverse preferences of players.



More exciting details about the AYANEO Pocket S are about to be unveiled. Stay tuned!


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I hope this handheld is affordable, it looks like it checks all the boxes for what I would want in a handheld. Very excited!