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NEXT Return, AYANEO NEXT LITE, the Ultimate Value Choice Coming Soon

Since entering the field of Windows handheld gaming, AYANEO has captivated more players with its art-grade aesthetic design and top-notch texture, allowing them to experience the charm of Windows handheld gaming. Among them, the groundbreaking AYANEO NEXT stands out as a milestone product in the history of Windows handheld gaming. AYANEO NEXT, with its perfect appearance design, vibrant color options, comfortable ergonomic experience, unique texture crafted with high-end craftsmanship, and innovative Hall sensing joystick for gaming control, has pioneered various features, making it a new species in the exploration of the future of Windows handheld gaming, providing unprecedented leading experiences for numerous players.



Now, this forward-looking flagship handheld, AYANEO NEXT, returns in full force with the rejuvenated AYANEO NEXT LITE. Building upon the foundation of top-tier flagship design and texture, AYANEO NEXT LITE comes pre-installed with the Pre-installed HoloISO for the first time. AYANEO NEXT LITE integrates outstanding cost-effectiveness, lowering the entry barrier while further popularizing numerous flagship features, offering an upgraded experience to more players, and allowing them to enjoy the endless fun and convenience of gaming handhelds.



As a value-for-money option, AYANEO NEXT LITE inherits the "Explore" design language and "NEXT Grip" ergonomic handles, combining vibrant colors and high-end craftsmanship. Its elegant appearance and top-notch texture make it irresistible and a pleasure to hold. It also features the standard Hall sensing joystick found in high-end handhelds, providing players with a precise control experience that is hard to match in the same price range. With a 7-inch 800P high-brightness screen, a 47Wh large-capacity battery, X-axis linear motors, and other features, AYANEO NEXT LITE continues the legacy, delivering a lasting and enjoyable gaming experience to players.



Moreover, AYANEO NEXT LITE will debut with unexpected and exciting surprises for players. The all-new cost-effective choice with flagship experiences, AYANEO NEXT LITE, subscriptions open at 9:30 PM 1/11/2024 EST

Official Website: https://ayaneo.com/

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"AYANEO NEXT LITE, subscriptions open at 9:30 PM 1/11/2014 EST"

2014? Typo in the article?

Ayavol9dVaVNah mate, you have to invent a time machine to pre-order it.

what happened to ayaneo os?

I pre ordered but no subscription