AYANEO 2021 Pro released, will be equipped with AMD Ryzen 7 4800U, and a new retro design

On the evening of July 23, in the live broadcast of AYANEO CEO Arthur, AYANEO 2021 Pro was officially released. This product is an upgraded version of AYANEO 2021, with a new "Retro Power" design. The processor uses a higher specification AMD Ryzen 7 4800U. From the performance of AYANEO 2021 and the reputation of players, AYANEO 2021 Pro is more worthy of the palm of your hand. The expectations of machine players.

# New AMD Ryzen R7 provides significant CPU and GPU enhancements

AYANEO 2021 Pro supported by a high-density motherboard, the processor is upgraded to AMD Ryzen R7 4800U with 8 cores and 16 threads and a maximum frequency of 4.2GHz, presenting a much more powerful computing capability and gaming performance.

AMD Ryzen R7 4800U is paired with the 8-core Radeon Vega 8 graphics card, which brings 2 additional cores compared to the Ryzen R5 4500U, while the frequency of the graphics card has been increased to 1.75Ghz. With more cores and higher frequencies, image processing and rendering capabilities have also been dramatically improved.

# New "Retro Power" design

AYANEO 2021 Pro adopts the classic handheld color scheme, with light grey body, dark gray d-pad, purple face buttons, and olive-green shoulder buttons. Retro can also be a trend, and Retro Power is the perfect interpretation of it.

Design of Retro Power is to commemorate those unforgettable childhoods we had. While powered by AMD Ryzen R7 4800U, the memories of the times and the latest technology can be combined, which is cultural embodiment of product design.

# Vivid game vision in your hand

The AYANEO 2021 Pro screen uses a 7-inch IPS screen with a color gamut of 78% NTSC, a peak brightness of 500 nits, and a ppi of 215. The display effect is exquisite, full and bright colors, whether it is the simple elegance of antique games or large-scale 3A games The dazzling colors, AYANEO 2021 Pro all perform well. And the official promise is that every screen is a perfect screen with no dead pixels, no bright spots, and no black spots.

# Massive storage, both in RAM and SSD

In terms of memory, it is still the standard 16GB large memory, which can have enough running space for players to run various 3A masterpieces.

AYANEO 2021 Pro has a NVME M.2 SSD, which is available in 1T and 2T. Unlike the normal NGFF M.2, which transfers data through SATA channels, the NVME uses PCI-E channels with much higher read and write speeds. When running 3A games with huge file size, it can significantly improve the loading time of the games.

# Analog trigger for realistic game experience

With the addition of multi-level linear triggers, the trigger experience of AYANEO 2021 Pro is taken to a higher level, able to recognize the user's pressing force and give different levels of acceleration feedback. Users can play "Forza Horizon 4" and "Dirt 5" and other racing 3A masterpieces more comfortably.

Vibration is very important for a game console. In the game console industry, only high-end game controllers use linear motors. The AYANEO 2021 Pro will directly use the X-axis linear motor to make the vibration more delicate and only bring users a more realistic sense of game substitution.

The new two-color buttons are stamped and formed by molds, which are non-printing and do not fade, with high durability and more beautiful appearance. The addition of conductive glue not only improves the texture of the buttons, but also gives each button a new feel.

# Efficient cooling system

To solve the heat dissipation problem at the root, AYANEO 2021 Pro is equipped with a new heat dissipation architecture with dual copper tube for faster and more stable heat export, with pure copper cooling fins and high-performance silent fans for faster air conduction, providing "cool feeling" for gamers when playing in high intensity.

# Play anywhere, anytime

AYANEO 2021 Pro uses a 47Wh large battery for long battery life. With AYASpace’s fast processor power adjustment, battery life is under control, and players don’t have to worry about battery life at all.

In terms of network connection, AYANEO 2021 Pro adopts the new Wi-Fi 6 module, gives high-speed and stable network transmission, and the built-in Bluetooth 5.0 module ensures a stable experience even when connecting multiple Bluetooth devices.

In terms of interface design, AYANEO 2021 Pro has three Type-C interfaces, two of which are full-featured Type-C 3.2 interfaces, supporting fast charging and power supply DisPlayPort. The interface is rich, can meet the user's multiple use needs.

# One last thing

In this live streaming, AYANEO not only released the new AYANEO 2021 Pro, but also brought a series of accessories designed for Retro Power, including:

GaN PD charger with 108W fast charging

The GaN charger has 3 USB Type-C ports, 1 Type-A port, which can provide up to 108W power supply. When you go out, you only need to carry one, which can help you charge AYANEO, cell phones, laptops, and other devices.

The side of the charger is also decorated with an interesting retro handheld screen (not the real screen).

Portable dock

AYANEO brought the Retro Power-themed portable dock (Docking Mini), which not only allows AYANEO to be charged quickly in scenarios such as bedside, but also supports AYANEO to be connected to monitors quickly in scenarios such as study and work.

AYANEO Docking Mini is designed with retro sentiment, and the dock is specially designed with the exact same d-pad and ABXY buttons on the AYANEO 2021 Pro Retro Power, which can be used as a decompression tool to enjoy the hand-feel of the buttons tuned by the AYANEO professional team anytime, anywhere.

Mechanical Keyboards

AYANEO launched the Retro Power style mechanical keyboard with minimalist design retro color scheme. The non-engraved version will come first, there is a fuchsia dial in the upper right corner. In addition to the non-engraved version, side engraved, or positive engraved key caps will also be launched in the future.

As a brand determined to create the best handheld for gamers, AYANEO team is committed to bringing gamers products with full of sincerity. As a handheld gaming device that overturns the perception, AYANEO will continue to build the perfect experience and explore the limits of performance, bringing players a pure handheld gaming experience.

At present AYANEO 2021 Pro is now on the AYANEO store, open for pre-sale now, please click the link to buy now,

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