AYANEO AMD Ryzen 5 4500U version is named AYANEO 2021, All will receive a free upgrade kit

After several months of improvements and upgrades, the AYANEO equipped with AMD Ryzen 5 4500U was officially named AYANEO 2021.

In the past few months, the AYANEO team has made significant adjustments and upgrades in terms of appearance, internal structure, and operating experience.

The features of this upgrade include:

* Shell with a brand new screen (divided into upper and lower parts)

* Brand new aluminum middle frame

*Analog shoulder buttons module

* Use two-color mold crossButtons, ABXY and other XboxButtons, Windows function Buttons

*Conductive rubber for Buttons

* Increase the height of the volume buttons

* Handle PCBA with brand new joystick (divided into left and right parts)

* Linear resonant actuator

* Brand new Speakers with sound chamber

* The cooling module with a new mold and the redesigned third edition fan

* Other accessories

* A full set of screws

# Analog trigger for realistic game experience

With the addition of multi-level linear triggers, the trigger experience of AYANEO 2021 Pro is taken to a higher level, able to recognize the user's pressing force and give different levels of acceleration feedback. Users can play "Forza Horizon 4" and "Dirt 5" and other racing 3A masterpieces more comfortably.

Vibration is very important for a game console. In the game console industry, only high-end game controllers use linear motors. The AYANEO 2021 Pro will directly use the X-axis linear motor to make the vibration more delicate and only bring users a more realistic sense of game substitution.

The new two-color buttons are stamped and formed by molds, which are non-printing and do not fade, with high durability and more beautiful appearance. The addition of conductive glue not only improves the texture of the buttons, but also gives each button a new feel.

# Efficient cooling system

To solve the heat dissipation problem at the root, AYANEO 2021 Pro is equipped with a new heat dissipation architecture with dual copper tube for faster and more stable heat export, with pure copper cooling fins and high-performance silent fans for faster air conduction, providing "cool feeling" for gamers when playing in high intensity.

We provide two upgrade services to AYANEO 2021:

1. AYANEO sends a complete set of upgrade kits to users, and provides a complete upgrade video tutorial, step-by-step instructions for disassembly and replacement of accessories.

If you have hands-on repair capabilities, this solution can give you a brand new AYANEO 2021 as quickly as possible.

The freight and customs duties incurred by this service need to be borne by the user.

2. The user sends the first batch of AYANEO handhelds to Shenzhen, China. AYANEO officially provides a replacement service and sends it to the user.

This service is expected to take longer delivery time and upgrade waiting time. Due to the large number of people, it may take us at least one month to complete all upgrade services.

The round-trip freight + tariffs generated by this service need to be borne by the user.

It is expected that after the completion of the second batch of goods, we will provide the above services to the first batch of users. The estimated time is: early September.

The above services will incur a lot of costs and cost our team a lot of time. But our efforts are to allow everyone to have the best handheld in the world. Imagine that you can happily use AYANEO to enjoy the latest features. We think everything The effort is worth it.

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