Folks, we gucking made it.

Woke up to this casual 2550 backers.

Mind=blown to pieces.

Thank you guys. Truly, from the bottom of our hearts.

mere 1 month ago we couldn't even imagine this to be true.

Yet now it's happening right in front of our eyes.

From the birth of idea of AYA NEO to the first prototype to the first rendering of founder edition to the indiegogo launch to now reaching 2550 backers.

AYA NEO is still under 2 years old.

As a start up all we do everyday is facing problems: fighting factory people to death because they don't give a jacksh*t about our small order, near to 0 marketing fund, digging through earth to find enough supplies for parts, fixing all sorts of hardware and software issues so on and so on.

None of these would make any sense if it's not for the insanely supportive community that you guys created.

Always encouraging, always be like "give it some time it's still a child."

Speaking for Uncle A and the whole AYA team,

we are beyond grateful for you guys being here.

We've never, in our lives, even in our dreams dared to imagine such a great community gathered together for our device.

It's such a satisfying yet humbling experience.

We won't let you guys down.

All the uncles and aunties of AYA NEO who've been holding our hands through this trip learning to walk.

As promised, ALL the 2550 backers we now have and all the future backers will receive the AYA cable. Nothing needed to be done from your ends. Just enjoy the party.

We will stream the livedraw for the lucky one of our referral program tomorrow on our official Youtube account AYA NEO once we finish collecting all the infos.

We will also announce the winner of our referral program (the one with most invites) along with the livedraw result.

Again big love to our AYA Army,

be patient,

and we will bring the future to you real soon.

Best regards,

AYA team

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