Important Update regarding AYA NEO Indiegogo Launch


Dear AYA supporters, AYA NEO will be launched on Indiegogo crowdfunding platform within 3 days. We are still finishing up the details from the backend to ensure that the launch will be as smooth as possible. The exact launch time will be announced through our next update email. It’s impossible to show how much we appreciate your love and enthusiasm for AYA except to put in all of our heart and present you with the coolest handheld gaming device ever made. Below are a few of improvement we made for the latest version AYA NEO compared with the Founder Edition: 1 - Improved operating system compatibility, further operating system optimizations planned to better fit AYA devices user interface. 2 - Reduced overall weight and improved user experience through improvements on parts design and materials. 3 - Improved rumble motor control: on and off switch through combo keys. 4 - Improved handling comfort and stability for the controller portion. Optimized actuation force and feedback for buttons. 5 - Improved gaming performance and user experience using game preload settings to better balance FPS, power consumption etc. 6 - Improved screen quality, fixed resolution scaling issue, fixed blurry screen when certain games run in full screen mode. As stated in our previous newsletter, because of the global shortage of electronic components and the underwhelming interest we received from the market that exponentially exceeds our expectation, we are doing our absolute best to prepare the parts we need in a rather short time frame, even if that means we need to pay much more than the market price. Despite these difficulties, we managed to keep on moving forward with the launch without inflating the price of AYA too much. The detail information of the perks will be disclosed soon. Please notice that the 500GB AYA NEO (dark star version only) “super early bird” perk with a discounted price $699 is limited to only 42 units and we expect them to be sold out seconds after launch. If you want to purchase this perk we suggest you to set the alarm beforehand! IMPORTANT NOTE: With the current inventory, 500 units are expected to be shipped out at the end of April for our oversea backers, and we will begin to ship out the remaining orders starting from the end of May. The delivery time will depend on your order time. Please take this information into consideration before ordering! Best regards, AYA Device

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