Just wait for the button to be perfect before production!

During this week, we spent a lot of time to prepare the materials. We have prepared most of the materials. We are made a table of all the main materials.

At present, most of the materials will be ready within this week after many hours of preparation. The only problem encountered at present is the two-color buttons and related materials.

The two-color button T0 test originally planned to be carried out last Sunday. Because the mold factory spent some time modifying the shell mold, it was delayed until Friday. After getting the T0 test sample, we found that the mold of this set of buttons needs to be modified. Only then can it be put into production, so I had a meeting with the mold factory at the weekend to formulate a test schedule for T1, hoping to complete T1 and verify it as soon as possible.

The main problems at the moment are:

The precision of the mold is not enough

There is a problem with the mold details of part of the text

The arrow of the cross key is offset

Although the results of the first test were not perfect, as can be seen from the photos, we obtained samples of the two-color buttons and the trial installation was successful.

We are very fortunate to have made this decision, because with the combination of conductive glue + two-color buttons + linear trigger + linear motor, the experience of AYANEO 2021 has completely surpassed the previous AYANEO and provides the best handheld experience. We are really want to Let everyone experience this new experience, but it may take some time to wait for the button mold adjustment.

The above button is a test sample, not the final version, so there will be many details, please ignore.

According to the current communication with the mold factory, it is expected that the T1 test of the mold can be carried out around August 30. If the test result is good, the production of AYANEO 2021 can be started, because only the buttons are in place, the factory can immediately start production at full capacity.

If the T1 situation is still not ideal, we may need to spend a few more days to test the mold T2. AYANEO Team have discussed with the mold factory and asked them to try their best to provide keys that can be put into production at T1.

To be honest, due to historical reasons in the past, We had to use this mold factory, and the delay in the schedule has a lot to do with it, but I don't want to criticize them too much now, because what needs to be solved most is the production problem. Other issues can be resolved later.

So on the whole, our current delivery will depend on the progress of the mold adjustment of the two-color buttons.

Based on the information AYANEO team have obtained, we think that if it goes well, it may be an ideal situation to start delivery before September 10th.

The delivery time of AYANEO 2021 Pro will not be affected, and the delivery will still start in mid-to-late September, because all current AYANEO 2021 work will help the production of AYANEO 2021 Pro, and their molds are universal.

[Successful test of linear trigger and linear motor]

Since we obtained samples of two-color buttons, we combined to test the new controller PCBA. We are very pleased that our AYANEO 2021 has a brand new performance. When we use AYANEO to play games such as "Horizon 4", feel The charm of linear triggers and linear motors, at that moment, all the efforts are worthwhile.

We will continue to debug the details of the experience, such as the stroke of the linear trigger and the vibration details of the linear motor, which will be upgraded through software OTA in the future. AYANEO will bring you the best experience.

[We successfully held the AYANEO 2021 Pro upgrade event, and the shipping information will be confirmed soon]

Guys, nearly half of the supporters participated in the AYANEO 2021 Pro upgrade activity, which is surprising. We will finish sorting all orders this week.

Due to the large number of people, we may not have enough time to send the confirmation email, but we will use the experience of the first shipment to create the online forms of the respective shipping information of AYANEO 2021 and AYANEO 2021 Pro, remove the privacy information, and keep the CID number and List of ordered items. Then let the supporters confirm. This work will begin this week, and the confirmation work will be completed before shipment.

Please don’t worry, everyone. We have implemented this process in the past, so we have a wealth of experience to ensure that everyone’s orders will not go wrong.

Best regards,

AYANeo Team

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