Latest Update

Dear friends,

Here's the latest update of AYA NEO:

A total of 107 qualified machines were produced in this trial production in Febuary.

30 machines were selected and given to players, managers, staff, and media agents for public testing while the rest were left in the factory for program testing.

At present, players and media agents who have received the test machine have submitted satisfactory evaluations and have also made suggestions for some minor problems. (We are noting all of the problems and strive to fix them promptly.)

However, there are still some uncontrollable elements at this stage: Most notably being the pandemic and the approaching Chinese New Year holiday.

Therefore, the release of the Founder version will be postponed to March 10, 2021.(However, the current production has not stopped and we strive to send out some machines before this Chinese New Year.)

The initial plan has hit a few snags—which often happens during the research & development of electronic products. But, with the first batch experience and public testing recommendations, we will mature and perfect our next production. Additionally, our Indiegogo campaign remains unchanged; the campaign will be launched in early February. You will be informed via email in advance.

Our sincerest thank you to everyone for your concern and support along the way.

We are committed to delivering a satisfactory game console to you!



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