Playing Cyberpunk 2077 on Aya Neo

On December 4th we tested the beta version of Cyberpunk 2077.

With default special effects, the outdoor scene ran approximately 20-25 FPS, and then we went with low effect. The outdoor scenes, night city scenes, driving and multi person fighting scenes can be kept around 30-35 frames. The official version is stable and smoother.

The editor said that AYA's game operation ability had exceeded expectations, and AMD's latest driver optimization (specially adapted for 2077) makes the real game experience outstanding on the 7-inch hand-held.

Uncle A also played the preface of Cyberpunk 2077 official version in the factory.

Compared with the media test version, the effects of the official version were smoother and there was almost no lag.

After the font size was adjusted to maximum in the game settings, the task dialogue subtitle and task text could be read on the 7-inch screen.

Of course, Cyberpunk 2077 being the most anticipated 3A masterpiece of the year, the AYA team does not recommend that everyone experience the whole process in a hand-held format; however, after the main line of customs clearance, it will still be a very satisfying experience to be able to go out at any time and enjoy Night City in the palm of your hands.

The positioning of AYA Neo is very clear: It is a game device created for serious games that want to be able to play anytime, anywhere. It is more suitable for players that want to relive classic games and action games on the go!

AYA hand-held engineering machine first appeared with Cyberpunk 2077 wallpaper. Congratulations to our old Uncle A's dream of playing Cyberpunk 2077 hand-held—your dream has finally come true!!

Although everyone ridiculed Cyberpunk 2077, it finally came out before AYA’s release. What is more urgent is that AYA's first edition should be delivered smoothly and sent to all players!

AYA team and AMD China officially reached a formal cooperation agreement!

The first batch and official version of the publicity meeting have been carried out steadily under the proposal.

In the past two months, the AMD scheme has optimized the power consumption of AYA, which has been improved by 10-15% recently.

At present, the endurance and game performance of AYA has increased compared with the previous measured video. Large games can play for nearly 150 minutes with full power consumption (that is 2.5 hours!) Games with less power consumption (such as Hades, Fall Guys, etc.) run up to 5-6 hours!

The heat dissipation of the device is also controlled within a temperature range not too hot for the hands. The hottest part would be the vent (which is a non-held part), it can reach 42.C. The actual users all said that the heat dissipation was good, even cooler than a mobile phone.

At present, three of the largest domestic game media companies have confirmed the evaluation and cooperation with AYA. We are in the process of manuscript scheduling.

There are other media outlets waiting for confirmation after the preliminary test, but (because most of the testing machines have to stay with the engineering team for final tests and certifications) the number sent out is small. The evaluation of domestic and foreign youtubers and video reviewers will be arranged later.

Now the initial launch version has sold out. The official version release date is expected to be launched in February or March. Pardon the delay.

However, under the guidance of AMD technical team and marketing team, AYA's first release and official version will try to deliver a satisfactory product to the waiting players!

Here is the progress report for AYA starter players:

On the drawing of the shell mould, there was a slight delay in optimizing the ventillation and keys. The trial production was pushed from the first ten days of this month to the last ten days of this month.

Due to the delay caused by international logistics and shortage of CPUs, AYA was temporarily delayed; however, AMD will be supporting the AYA with on-demand supply in the near future. Uncle A is ready to wait until the end of the month; after that he will provide mainboard photo updates for the pre order group. Other accessories materials have been put into storage.

Although there are some delays, but the development team will do the best to overcome it.

Thanks to the coordination between the supply chain, the overall progress is still set in motion and the delivery plan is due before January 31.

Thank you all for your patience!

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