Update 2021/3/2

Latest update

Dear friends,

First of all, we want to express our gratitude for you being by our side still. Because of your enthusiastic support, the number of subscribers to the Indiegogo campaign has approached 40,000!—drastically exceeding our expectations.

Secondly, we are really sorry for keeping everyone waiting. In fact, we immediately returned to production after the Chinese New Year, even having some of our team sleep in the factory to move the process along.

However, due to the global shortage of electronic components, the AYA team will need to first secure the preparation of production materials before the launch on Indiegogo, in order that our products will be promptly delivered to each of you.

We are working constantly to prepare for the Indiegogo campaign. What we can guarantee is that all of our decisions are based on a responsible attitude; and, once you have the AYA NEO in your hands, you will know that all of the waiting was worthwhile.


There will also be accessories available in the Indiegogo campaign later on including a docking station, tempered screen protector, carrying case, rocker cap, handle grip—so that our customers can enjoy a frictionless and fruitful gaming experience.

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