Connect to the Gaming World Anytime, Anywhere

High-speed Connectivity
Online Anytime

The AYANEO KUN 4G expansion module adopts 3GPP Release 12 technology,supporting a maximum downlink speed of 300Mbps and an uplink speed of 50Mbps.

Expanding support for 4G-LTE high-speed networks for Windows handheld devices,ensuring seamless online access to exciting gaming worlds or business tasks, regardless of location.

4G Global Compatibility
Covers Mainstream Frequency Bands Worldwide

Single Micro SIM card slot, supports global mainstream operators 4G network.

Simultaneously supports mainstream LTE frequency bands globally,

allowing you to enjoy smooth gameplay wherever you go.

Note: The cost of mobile data usage depends on the carrier's tariff plan.

For detailed network frequency band support, please refer to the specifications at the end of the page.

MIMO Technology for Stability and Speed

Multiple antennas simultaneously transmit and receive multiple signals,
effectively increasing data capacity and connection stability.

Outstanding Compatibility, Easy Online Upgrades

The expansion module is equipped with rich network protocols, supporting multiple drivers and software functionalities. WHQL certified, naturally compatible with Windows systems. Supports convenient updates for optimal performance.

Note: After installing the expansion module, please visit the AYANEO official website to download and install the drivers.


KUN 4G LTE Module

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