Innovative Screen Design,

Paying Tribute to Retro Classic

Classic Gaming Console Collides with Mini PC, Sparking a New Era.

Experience the Charm of the AYANEO REMAKE Concept.

Vintage Aesthetics, Innovative Screen, High-Performance Configuration.

This Is AM02, the Flagship of the Mini PC 2.0 Era.

Mini PC 2.0 Era

AYANEO Retro Mini PC AM02 Features a Retro Gaming Console Appearance, Innovative Screen, And Numerous Flagship Features, Representing the "Version Answer" That Defines the Mini PC 2.0 Era.

Breaking the Conventional Exquisite Industrial Design and Texture

Rich Product Cultural Connotation

and Experience

AYASpace 2

A Comprehensive Software

Management System

Innovative Structural Design

and Unique Gameplay

Restoring the Classics,

A Fusion of Gaming Console and Mini PC

Continuing the AYANEO REMAKE Concept, Reimagining the Classic Gaming Console Appearance, Blending Distinctive Design Aesthetics and High-Performance Hardware into a Compact Mini Form Factor.

Classic Gray Design, Evoking Memories of Wonderful Childhood Gaming Moments.

Carefully Recreated Front Cover Design with

Cleverly Hidden Interfaces, Creating a Clean Front


The "Open" Button Opens the Top Cover with

a Quick Press.

Equipped with an Indicator Light "Crystal"

Power Button, Exquisite and Practical.

0.9L Mini Size, Supports Wall Mounting,

Saving More Desktop Space.

Note: Volume Data Is Theoretical and May Have Reasonable Tolerances in Actual Measurements;

Please Refer to the Actual Situation.

Creative Screen + AYASpace

= Fun and Convenient Gameplay

Introducing the First-Ever Screen on a High-Performance Mini PC,

The 4" Multi-touch Screen Is Independently Controlled by AYASpace Management Software.

With Just a Light Tap or a Slide to the Left or Right, You Can Experience a Variety

of Practical Functions.

FPS Thunder Displays

Real-Time Performance Data

Click "TDP" To Switch Performance Modes

Click "Fan" To Adjust Fan Speed Strategy.

Clock and Weather Widget

Displays with Various Style Options.

Quick Adjustment of System Volume

Quickly Adjust the Brightness of the Connected Monitor.

One-Touch Turn off Screen | Reopen in AYASpace Separately.

Personalized Screensaver | Rich Styles to Choose From, Switch Displays by Sliding.

Note: The Software Functions Described Above Do Not Represent the Final Effects;

Please Refer to the Actual Situation.

Flagship Mini PC - Entertainment Office,

Handle with Ease

The CPU's Single-Core and Multi-Core Performance Is Among the Best, And the Radeon™ 780M's Performance Rivals High-Performance Dedicated Graphics Cards, Allowing Smooth Gameplay of Mainstream Online Games and AAA Titles.

Can Handle Heavy Office Tasks, Graphic Design, And Audio-Video Editing with Ease, Significantly Improving Productivity Efficiency.

Note: The above data is based on the configuration of 32GB + 1TB in the AYANEO testing environment. Test results may vary due to different hardware combinations, software versions, testing environments, and other factors. Please refer to the actual situation for accuracy.

New Four-Copper Pipe Cooling System

Customized for the Mini Body Structure, The Four-Copper Pipe Module + Large-Area Heat Dissipation Fins + Large-Size Heat Dissipation Fan, Inside and Out, Lives up to the Name "Game Console".

Note: Fan Noise Depends on the Actual TDP and Fan Speed Strategy, And Users Can Set a Scheme That Suits Their Needs in AYASpace.

Ultimate Speed Experience for All Scenarios

Fully Armed with Ultra-Fast Data Transmission Capabilities,

Providing a Seamless Mainstream Gaming Experience, Smoother Operation of Office

and Editing Software, And a Steady Increase in Productivity Efficiency.

High-Speed Data Transmission Capabilities

Full Expansion Capabilities

Full Interface, A Compact Workstation

Whether It's the Commonly Used USB Data Transmission Interfaces,

Video Output Interfaces, Or 2.5G Network Ports, The Interface Types Are

All-Encompassing, Meeting Various Entertainment and Productivity Needs.

AYASpace 2.0 Continues to Serve You

Pre-installed with AYASpace Management Software at the Factory,

Further Optimizing the Use Experience of the Mouse and Keyboard, Providing

Users with a Smooth, Simple, And Comprehensive Management Experience.

Note: For Barebone, You Can Download and Install the AYASpace Management Software from the

AYANEO Official Website After Installing the Windows System.

Pre-installed Windows 11 64-Bit Home Edition

Barebone Has No Pre-Installed System and Does Not Provide Download,

Installation or Activation Services.

Unleash the DIY Nature of Barebone

The Barebone Comes Without Pre-Installed Memory, Hard Drive, And Operating System,

Allowing You to Define the Storage Combination and Purpose of the Host Yourself.

Conventional PC

Install Windows 10/11 64-Bit System.

Programming and

Development Dedicated Host

Install Linux Systems Such as Ubuntu, Debian, Etc.

Desktop Mini-Game Console

Install Gaming Systems Such as Steam OS, Batocera, Chimera OS, Etc.

Router or NAS

Install and Configure Open-Source Systems like IStoreOS.

Note: Gamers can install the required operating system on their own.

The AYANEO Official Website Does Not Provide Installation Tutorials and Activation Methods.

Packaging List

1. AYANEO Retro Mini PC AM02 Host

2. GaN 100W PD Power Adapter

3. USB-C Power Cable

4. HDMI Connection Cable

5. User Manual

6. 2 Screwdrivers

7. 5 Screws of M2 * 3 Specifications

8. AC Power Adapter (may vary depending on the country or region)


Retro Mini PC AM02

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