Ultra-light and thin

OLED professional

original color screen

Lightweight era
Higher-performance CPU
Hall joystick
All-around controller
Storage expansion without limitation


efficient and fast

Between ideal and reality, In the name of air

Introducing the AIR concept into the new series of AYANEO gaming handhelds

Subvert the traditional concept of Windows gaming handhelds

Create an extraordinary experience of sight and touch

Gather all the energies of leaping dreams

Open a new product line and build a new world of Windows gaming handhelds for you


18 mm



21.6 mm


*AYANEO AIR Lite 18 mm

AYANEO AIR Standard 18 mm

*AYANEO AIR Pro 21.6 mm


  • Aurora White

  • Polar Black

  • Sakura Pink

*128G Aurora White

256G Polar Black

512G Aurora White/Polar Black/Sakura Pink


  • Aurora White

  • Polar Black

  • Bright Silver

*5560U 512GB Aurora White/Polar Black

5560U 1TB Aurora White/Polar Black

5825U 1TB Aurora White/Polar Black

5825U 32GB 2TB Aurora White/Polar Black/Bright Silver

  • Professional primary color Colorful screen,

    new game visual experience!

    The 5.5-inch AMOLED high-color gamut screen is for a Windows gaming handheld.

    Wide color gamut effect, NTSC 109% the display effect is more realistic.

    Contrast ratio up to 100000:1 , rich color expression, more vivid colors.

    The response time of OLED is only one thousandth of that of LCD screen,

    and every frame is full of motion.

    Pure black field makes the colors vivid and presents you with a high-definition vision.

    Reduced blue light radiation70%, long-term games will not cause visual fatigue.

    The highest 404 PPI in Windows gaming handhelds

    5.5'' 1080P than720PClearer visual experience of games

    Save power because of 1mm ultra-thin, and is extremely responsive.

    Refined device structure as thin as 1mm

    It is 1/3 the thickness of the previous LCD screen,

    The response time is only one thousandth of the LCD screen,

    Low energy consumption and better effect.

    175° ultra-wide viewing angle, immersive gaming horizon

    No viewing angle occlusion, full field of view 175° excellent on every side.

    Self-illumination advantage, creating professional visual effects,

    solving the light leakage phenomenon of traditional LCD screen,

    Exquisitely presented frame to enjoy high-definition picture, to meet the player's color requirements!

    Ultra-thin & light

    AYANEO AIR was developed with thin & light craftsmanship, combining and compressing about 3500 components,

    AYANEO builds a Windows gaming handheld with the same performance as a laptop through a difficult stacking design.

    It is streamline design without screws on the back.

    There are only 2 screws in the visible area of the main body, completing the incredible engineering marvel of Windows gaming handhelds.

    Go beyond the previous gaming handheld design to achieve an stunning touch feeling of thin & light.

    Only 2 screws are visible, It is a structural

    design miracle on Windows gaming handhelds

    Product Display

    • Aurora White

    • Polar Black

    • Sakura Pink

    • Bright Silver

    AYANEO AIR ushered in a new era of

    thin & light Windows gaming handhelds!

    Weight is only 398g

    Switch OLED


    *AYANEO AIR Lite 398g

    AYANEO AIR Standard 398g

    AYANEO AIR Pro 440g

    Only 2/1 of the diameter of Coke bottle cap, 18 mm thin

    Much smaller than the steam deck

    Even smaller than Switch



    223.9×89.4x 18mm


    Nintendo Switch



    Steam Deck


    Artistic Color

    A new design that combines art and aesthetics;

    Dual gradient color on top shoulder buttons;

    Each color is to express its personality.

    Polar Black/Aurora White/Sakura Pink

    The beauty of the body is combined with artistic color matching to build a new design language,

    with touch

    Curve design makes it elegant and spiritual and fully fits the angle of control.

    Based on the advantages of thin & light body, as well as a deep understanding of ergonomics,

    it is not a burden to users playing for long time, and easy to grip not worring about falling

    Tailor-made new UV technology, resistant to dirt, scratches and fingerprints,bringing your AIRTouch.

    Internal structure display to achieve the full performance,

    it can run 3A games smoothly

    AYANEO AIR brings players an APU that has not been adopted on Windows gaming handhelds. That is the AMD Ryzen™ 5 5560U

    which has never appeared on the market in the past. It is in line with the positioning and requirements of a gaming handhelds.

    It has not only low power consumption but also can run 3A games smoothly,

    Therefore,it is the very APU that can excellently balance performance and power consumption.

    Thanks to 7 nm chip technique

    with lower power consumption

    The gaming handeld was instantly

    transformed into a powerful engine.

    Whether it is a indie game

    or a 3A title, the AMD Ryzen 5

    5560U can easily handle and controll it.

    *5825U AYANEO AIR Pro exlusively

    AMD's brand new CPU, the highest frequency

    is 100MHz higher than that of 5800U,

    which is called performance beast

    It is the power source of runing 3A titles,

    playing game like tiger with wings.

    It dominates the battlefield in

    an instant-changing game scene,

    bringing players a fast and

    cool gaming experience.

    AYANEO AIR balance battery life and heat dissipation

    AIR Lite TDP: The factory default setting is 8W, and the maximum is 12W.

    AIR Standard TDP: The factory default setting is 8W, and the maximum is 15W.

    AIR Pro TDP: The factory default setting is 8W, and the maximum is 18W.

    As an ultra light & thin gaming handheld, ranging from 8w to 10w, it can run most of games.

    A few indie games can run at TDP 5W, and so the battery life can be improved.

    Under condition of 720P resolution, all indie games can be run perfectly at FPS 60 and main 3A titles can be run smoothly at FPS 30;

    *1(Indoor 35-50 FPS,Outdoor 30-40 FPS)

    *2(Indoor 40-50 FPS,Outdoor 30-40 FPS)

    *3(Indoor 40-50 FPS,Outdoor 30-40 FPS)

    Game performance tests vary based on different hardware configurations.

    The corresponding game performance video will be released based on the hardware configuration in the future

    Efficient cooling system

    AYANEO AIR takes into account the thickness of the device,the heat dissipation

    and the battery life under high power consumption , which solves

    constraints of limited space for internal instructure and stacking

    of various components of PCB in the thin & light device body.

    A new set of cooling, system is designed for the compact space,

    including high-pressure turbo cooling fans

    and copper tube cooling modules. Whether they are indie games or 3A titles,

    players will not worry about device's cooling

    capabilities, what is more, the game experience will not be affected by noise.

    Master multi-functional controller, extraordinary

    experience to dominate the game battlefield

    AYANEO has been devoted to research and development,

    adopted the Master multi-functional controller in AYANEO AIR.

    It is adopted with high performance of small Hall joystick and Hall trigger, which have not appeared on a Windows gaming handheld,

    It also brings new 8 functions and 6 patents for the Master controller, fully fullfilling intelligent

    control of the game, and upgrading player's operating experience!

    Controller strategic partner

    There is no dead zone on the joystick:

    The inner and outer circles are free of dead zones,

    And FPS games can easily press the gun to meet higher game control requirements.

    Trigger sensitivity adjustment:

    Players can freely control the trigger's pressing stroke, and in some games,

    pressing 50% of the stroke can achieve 100% effect.

    Sensitivity is soaring, and users can get advantage of being

    pre-emptive in the game battle.

    Joystick sensitivity adjustment:

    Adjust different sensitivities according to different touch force,

    witout worrying about inaccuraten shotting when crosshair move quickly,

    so it make sure players always show master-level operations;

    Motor vibration intensity adjustment:

    The X-axis linear motor can provide better vibration feedback effect, and the

    comfortable vibration intensity can be adjusted through the Master multi-functional controller,

    simulating the realism of the game and experienceing the 4D shocking effect

    Zero-power standby function:

    The controller function can be turned off from the hardware,

    which can save power,

    Button automatic function:

    It supports semi-automatic shootting and fully automatic shootting when you are in a fierce gunfight.

    Gyroscope somatosensory assisted-aiming:

    AYANEO AIR has a dual gyroscope, which perfectly supports all games,

    Super balanced somatosensory assisted-aiming can quickly aim and hit the target

    A-B X-Y key-value swap:

    Regardless of the American layout or the Japanese layout,

    players can freely choose and find the

    most convenient operation method for themselves.

    Create small Hall

    joystick on the Windows gaming handheld

    With the excellent structural design, a small Hall electromagnetic rocker

    is embedded in the ultra-thin body of AYANEO AIR,

    accurately calculating the parameter,

    effectively eliminating the magnetic field Interference, and achieving the

    millimeter-level high-precision control.

    No drift

    We create a small Hall electromagnetic rocker, using electromagnetic

    induction to achieve millimeter-level precision, low power loss and no drift.

    No dead zone

    There is no dead zone in the center and outer ring of the joystick, so it is easy to

    complete game controlling such as aiming and pulling the gun.


    High precision

    According to our testing, there is no loss on the key stroke and sensitivity of the joystick,

    The joystick has the highest accuracy, the longest stroke, and no error.

    Long lifespan

    The small Hall joystick has a structural advantage over ordinary physical ones,

    having a long lifepan of 5 million times.

    Replaceable joystick

    The joystick and the device are matched with creative colors to abtain a

    pleasing gaming visual experience.

    High-precision Hall trigger

    The Hall trigger, compared with the mechanical design of the traditional ones,

    makes the player's game operation more precise.

    The pressing stroke is 7.5 mm, which can achieve 0.09 mm pressing accuracy.

    Surpassed the millimeter level of precision, the trigger combined with the silky touch feeling,

    bringing players a refreshing gaming experience!

    Breathtaking and exclusive

    gaming management software: AYA Space

    AYA Space Learn more >

    AYANEO will bring players a more beautiful UI interface.

    Developers around the world can develop small applications for AYA Space for AYANEO

    Gaming handhelds, and players can download various applications that have been developed.

    AYANEO will promote the ecosystem of small application platforms in the future and provide development support for developers.

    More convenient Pro mode with variable TDP of 1W base unit gets the balance between performance and battery life.

    In the future, It will also provide a more user-friendly power setting solution in the quick setting window.

    Master multi-functional controller management, visual management center, and quick settings will be added

    AYA Space will also continue to be upgraded and updated in the future.

    AYA Space UI Interface demonstration

    AYANEO OS is an operating system for gaming handhelds , based on Linux 's deep optimization,

    AYANEO OS focuses on game management and gaming device

    management, and AYANEO has seld-developed interdaces design and interacted operation.

    Through continuous optimization, upgrading of software, and learning from users,

    AYANEO brings users excellent functions and experiences, and builds an ideal ecosystem for handheld.

    AYANEO AIR comes with Windows 11 installed by default, and AYANEO OS will be available for download in the future.

    AYANEO AIR UI Interface demonstration

    AYANEO AIR custom buttons

    Fingerprint recognition for waking-up screen

    AYANEO AIR still use one button to integrate power-on-off function with the wake-up function in its thin & light body,

    It only needs a lighter touch, without physical pressing, to wake up and unlock within 1.5 seconds.

    Multiple person's fingerprints and multiple accounts can be accepted to share the game fun with friends

    High-performance experience, storage expansion evolve!


    Selected high-speed M.2 2280 SSD, supporting up to 2T storage capacity on a

    single side, and thus the cost-effectiveness of storage expansion immediately soars!

    TF card slot

    TF card slot's theoretical speed reach to 100 MB per second

    A new generation of X-axis motor technology,with

    wide vibration frequency and strong vibration sense!

    AYANEO AIR brings players a fully upgraded vibration experience,

    equipped with the world's advanced X-axis linear motor.

    Through optimization on software and hardware, X-axis linear motor brings about richer,

    more delicate and more real feedback to hard-core gamers.

    BT 5.2 Bluetooth high-speed and stable connection

    With BT 5.2 Bluetooth, the device can be connected in seconds, and has multi-stream function, which effectively improve

    communication reliability. Futhermore, it can reduce the device's power consumption through power controlling.

    Wi-Fi 6

    Bluetooth 5.2

    Stereo sound presenting millimeter details

    Under the unique stereo sound technology, ultra-realistic stereo sound quality can be achieved,

    The bass is shocking and immersive, and the treble is transparent and bright.

    In the game of passion, it is very shocking.

    Easily connect to mainstream interfaces

    and enjoy the escalating experience

    AYANEO AIR kept a 3.5 mm headphone jack in a thin & light shell,

    with wide compatibility and good durability.

    AYANEO AIR was equipped with two full-featured type-c interfaces supporting DP1.4 4K60Hz of video,

    The Type-C has faster charging speed than traditional ones,

    regardless of inserting front and back side, supporting two-way power input,

    high-speed transmission and strong stortage expansion.

    USB 3.0 class TF card reader

    Super battery and fast charging

    Super large battery, long battery life and faster battery charging

    Lightweight and portable, picking your

    games in the game library anytime, anywhere.

    The thin & light design allows every players to take

    it along easily. Whether you are in a coffee shop,

    subway station, or on the seaside, you can play games freely.

    More than that, players can also play multiplayer online

    games with family members and friends through connecting external devices, and enjoy instant sharing!

    Multiple scenes

    AYANEO AIR is not only a Windows game console, but also used as a laptop.

    It can connect to a large-screen monitor or TV,

    making multi-person share each other and meeting other multi-scenes

    usage needs or satisfying players with happy games and happy office work.


    Lightweight masterpiece

    Create a 100% thin and light high-performance gaming console for you

    Build every player's dream product!

    AYANEO AIR Pro Aurora White

    AYANEO AIR Polar Black

    AYANEO AIR Pro Bright Silver


    AYANEO AIR Pro Collection

    AYANEO AIR Exclusive Wallpapers

    Right click the wallpaper to download

    Which one AYANEO AIR suits you?




    AMD Ryzen 5 5560U

    Dual channel 8G LPDDR4x 3200Mhz



    5.5''AMOLED 1920*1080 / TP GF Anti fingerprint

    Wi-Fi 6 / BT5.2

    Hall Joystick, hall trigger, linear motor, standard handle button

    Support - power key integrated fingerprint identification

    Double gyroscope

    "8-12W AYA Space Any configuration

    AYA Space 15W can be set, and the maximum

    recovery power is 12W after shutdown or restart"



    7350mAh 28Wh


    AYANEO AIR Standard



    AMD Ryzen 5 5560U

    Dual channel 16G LPDDR4x 4266Mhz

    256GB / 512GB

    Black, white, pink

    5.5''AMOLED 1920*1080 / TP GF Anti fingerprint

    Wi-Fi 6 / BT5.2

    Hall Joystick, hall trigger, linear motor, standard handle button

    Support - power key integrated fingerprint identification

    Double gyroscope

    8-15W AYA Space Any configuration



    7350mAh 28wh





    AMD Ryzen 5 5560U

    Dual channel 16G LPDDR4x 4266Mhz

    512GB / 1T

    Black, white

    5.5''AMOLED 1920*1080 / TP GF Anti fingerprint

    Wi-Fi 6 / BT5.2

    Hall Joystick, hall trigger, linear motor, standard handle button

    Support - power key integrated fingerprint identification

    Double gyroscope

    8-18W AYA Space Any configuration



    10050mAh 38Wh





    AMD Ryzen 7 5825U

    Dual channel 16G LPDDR4x 4266Mhz


    Black, white

    5.5''AMOLED 1920*1080 / TP GF Anti fingerprint

    Wi-Fi 6 / BT5.2

    Hall Joystick, hall trigger, linear motor, standard handle button

    Support - power key integrated fingerprint identification

    Double gyroscope

    8-18W AYA Space Any configuration



    10050mAh 38Wh





    AMD Ryzen 7 5825U

    Dual channel 32G LPDDR4x 4266Mhz


    Black, white, silver

    5.5''AMOLED 1920*1080 / TP GF Anti fingerprint

    Wi-Fi 6 / BT5.2

    Hall Joystick, hall trigger, linear motor, standard handle button

    Support - power key integrated fingerprint identification

    Double gyroscope

    8-18W AYA Space Any configuration



    10050mAh 38Wh