Warranty & Return Policy

Ayadevice Limited (hereinafter referred to as the company) will provide after-sales service to customers based on the following content. Please be sure to read the "Terms of Warranty" and "Return Policy", and apply for after-sales service after agreeing to the terms.

Products applicable to this clause:

  • Aya Neo “Founder”

  • Aya Neo “Light Moon”

  • Aya Neo “Dark Star”

Terms of Warranty

  1.  When your Aya Neo device fails while using it in accordance with the operating manual, free maintenance is provided during the warranty period: the battery is provided with a half-year warranty, and the rest is provided with a one-year warranty. (Under the premise of non-human damage, refer to the terms of the warranty scope at the same time)           

  2. The warranty period is 1 year from the date of purchase. When applying for the warranty, a proof of purchase from the Aya official website or an officially designated partner platform must be submitted. The warranty period will not change after repair.                                                                                

  3. The warranty only supports official Ayadevice products when applying for repairs. (Including paid repairs)                                                                                

  4. If the machine fails beyond the warranty period, our company will provide paid repairs, and the repair costs are subject to the damage assessment results of the testing center. (Damage caused by self-modification and other behaviors, can be negotiated with customer service whether paid repairs can be carried out)                                                    

  5. Logistics and transportation costs:

    • During the warranty period, the logistics and transportation costs in mainland China will be borne by the company, and the company will bear 50% of the freight in other regions.

    • After the warranty period, the round-trip freight will be borne by the customer.                                                                                                                          

  6. ​From the date of purchase of the product, if there is a performance failure caused by non-human damage to the device within one year, and the device has been repaired for the same damage for more than two times and it still can not functioning properly, you can contact customer service with the warranty record in the warranty certificate to confirm whether to replace the device and your device will be replaced with the same product you purchased.                                                                       

  7. The following conditions are not eligible for free repair service:

    • ​A proof of purchase from the Aya official website or an officially designated partner platform is not attached.

    • The factory label is missing, and the product serial number cannot be distinguished.

    • Failure and damage caused by self-disassembly and modification.

    • Failure and damage caused by breakage (including scratches or cracks of the liquid crystal), water (corrosion), falling, impact, pressure, and foreign matter mixing.

    • Failure and damage caused by transportation, falling during movement, improper management or custody after the arrival of the products.

    • Failure and damage caused by fire, earthquake, wind disaster, flood, lightning strike, salt damage, harmful gas, abnormal voltage or other natural disasters.

    • Failure and damage caused by connecting the device with other equipment or accessories.

    • Failure and damage caused by the use of accessories other than officially designated products.

    • When the customer requests to replace the non-faulty part.                 ​

Return Policy

Products purchased from Ayadevice come with a 7-day return policy. If the product you ordered does not match your expectation, you can return the product for a refund (excluding shipping costs) within 7 days from the date of receipt of the goods. At the same time you need to pay the return shipping cost. For safety reasons and not affecting secondary sales, all returned items must be in a completely unused state with unopened original packaging. For unpacked product, activated product, damaged product or product with missing accessories, the company will evaluate the cost based on the damage of the product and on top of the evaluated cost, deducting 5% as the service fee and repackaging fee. Please email us or contact the official customer service before returning the goods to save unnecessary shipping costs. Proof of purchase is required for all returns. If the returned item is lost in transit, we will not take any responsibility.